8 Indian guys
On tour in Verona

13/06/2017 18:40
There are 8 Indian boys between the ages of 18 and 25, traveling for a project supported by the City of Verona, which aims to encourage a cultural exchange between young people from different languages and cultures. They have just arrived in town and departed on Thursday to visit Rimini, Venice and San Marino.

More than just a cultural exchange, a trip that’s as good for those arriving and hosting, where Indian kids have the chance to sleep in the Veronese homes and have tastings of everyday life and Italian and Venetian life. For the first day, however, the space for culture: “Today we just went to the city,” a girl tells, “we’ve been around for a couple of hours and we’ve seen a lot of things, Juliet’s house and everything else .. “.

After a first visit to the center, the program of the day included rafting on the Adige, evening at Torricelle and tomorrow, last day, visit Lake Garda, before resuming Thursday for Rimini.