Finally, the day has come for the YAPers Tayla, Ingo Brent and Carl to come to the Netherlands. After they have already visited Switzerland, Germany and Belgium it is the Netherlands’ turn to give them a warm welcome.

Thursday, July 5,

At noon we agreed in Liege to lunch together with are Belgium 41 friends and then take them to Roermond. After a delicious lunch we leave to start the Dutch part of the YAP tour. We start quietly, once arrived in Roermond we have a quiet afternoon. We got to know each other at home with a cup of coffee and cake. So that they can recover from all the busy days, in the evening we have organized a welcome barbecue.

Together with the YAP and about 15 tablers and 41ers we have a wonderful evening with good food and convivialit.

Friday, July 6,

Get up early because we have a car ride of 2 hours ahead of us, on to Amsterdam. When we arrive in Amsterdam we rush to the Anne Frank house to be on time for our entrance tickets. An hour later and very impressed we come out and it is time for Dutch pancakes. After this Dutch lunch a boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam is on the program. A nice trip and time to rest befor our walk to the ”I am Amsterdam” letters. Then it is time for some refreshment and for the continuation of the walk, unfortunately we do not have much time anymore, quickly walking where we still pass the most beautiful things in Amsterdam.

And of course do not forget the FEBO. A wall with Dutch specialties, after the Febo the last piece of Amsterdam before we go back to the car and leave for Volendam for a typical Dutch photo and delicious fish. Making the photo gives a lot of hilarity so we are all laughing. Of to the car and on to the Afsluitdijk to continue to Steenwijk where the 41ers are ready to make a wonderful Dutch night out of it, and they succeeded!

Saturday, July 7,

A good night’s rest and delicious breakfast at there host, provides a good basis for a day on the water. With a few sloop boats we will sail a day around Steenwijk and Giethoorn. The weather is beautiful so it promises to be a nice day. When we arrive in Giethoorn we immediately see why it is called “Dutch Venice”. Everywhere boats and it is very busy. But fortunately the liquor boat succeeds every time to come to us when we are thirsty. Around noon there is a delicious lunch waiting for us, a bit of sailing a visit to a museum and gold search and then the day in Steenwijk is unfortunately running to its end. With a good feeling we leave for Roermond for the Pizza dinner. In the garden of a 41er delicious fresh pizzas are baked and it is a nice dinner after a relaxed day. After the good dinner it is time to go into the nightlife of Roermond.

Sunday, July 8,

The Outlet center, almost the biggest attraction in the Netherlands and also in Roermond should not be missed in the program. After a short shopping tour, they have all found what they wanted and we are ready for a bike ride. Via a pound over the water we reach the other side of the Maasplassen where you have a beautiful view over Roermond. A nice piece of cycling takes us back to the center of Roermond where we climb the tower of the cathedral, walk 265 steps and then we are at the top of the tower. A beautiful view awaits us, and with the clear weather we can look very far.

Fortunately, it goes down better than up and soon we are back on the ground ready for a cold drink and bitterballen. A short walk through Roermond before we start dinner. Beautiful location, great food and a Jeu de Boules course. Between the food we play a game of Boules and the sun slowly goes down.

We close the evening quietly with a snack and a drink and of course the banner exchange.

Monday 9 July,

Together we have breakfast in Beesel with a nice view over the meadows and the Maas and then it is unfortunately time to say goodbye. We check the flight schedules one more time and everyone is taken to the different airports. And then it’s done for 2018. What unforgettable days and certainly for repetition.

On to YAP 2019!

Yours in Continued 41 Friendship

Namens het nationaal bestuur 41 Club Nederland

Roy Kroos

IRO (International Relationship Officer) | YAP Convenor  | Buddy Program Convenor